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Welcome to Dallas! I'm looking forward to meeting a few new folks this weekend at CITICON that can help me fire a few old dormant brain cells. I want to meet Jeffrey and Paul, and thank them for the time they put in getting us together. I am very excited to see and experience a topic less conference. It makes total sense to me for some strange reason.

I am currently working as a business analyst in an Agile/XP project at an interactive agency (techno BS for web design company) called imc2 just 20 miles East of the conference. The project involves a very large computer company's image transformation. If you care to hear about it, ask me when you see me and I will gladly bore you with details of my experiences with Agile/XP in the UED world.

I hope to meet a few of you at the conference and come away from it with some new friends.


BTW favorite cartoon character, Cartman.

I like this format for discussion of CI issues, so I am documenting my observations of the process.