Managing requirements

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Something better than a word document or excel spreadsheet!! Please!!

So requirements are available, get into a spec, and visible to client, QA, Devs, and can be tracked.

Gaps in the requirements, diff reqs from diff users, need to track and coordinated.

Document / requirements management challenging, and defect management.

Excel working well. Need to keep documents updated.

Testing against requirements vs testing against tests.

Principals to help guide requirements management?

Document human readable form, but not testable

Need tests from this. Need requirements before that.

Requirements should include a definition of done - which may be simple or refer to manual or auotmated tests being required / defined /referred to.

Getting team up-front to understand overview of what business and project is about is helpful.

Testers and devs doing work independently from reqs w/o communicating leads to problems.

Regularly review the requirements with wider team -

Agree on a process / system that works, and review it in retrospectives to change what doesn't work.

(Note: if you are in Wellington NZ, check out and have a chat with Jody)