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Multiple choice questions on feedback form where possible responses were Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree or No Answer.

Question : Median Response

My goal was served by attending this conference : Strongly Agree

I enjoyed attending CITCON ANZ 2010 : Strongly Agree

The OpenSpace format is appropriate for me : Strongly Agree

I used the "Law of Two Feet" during the conference : Agree

The location of the conference was convenient : Agree

I would come back if there is another conference next year : Strongly Agree

The session I liked most was:

continuous deployment -- Andrew Fletcher, Donna Chin, Cliffano Subagio, Anna Marshall

Acceptance Test and Behavior Driven Development -- Nigel Charman

Enterprise CI Maturity Model - and how to go insane -- Nigel Charman, Marcin Popielarz, Geoff Bullen, Cliffano Subagio

Build tools and their issues -- Marcin Popielarz

TDD how much is too much -- Barbara Howe

What I liked most was:

Interactive format -- Andrew Fletcher

Community participation -- Nigel Charman

Finding out many organizations were looking to improve their practices and are building a maturity model. -- Marcin Popielarz

Exchange of ideas -- Donna Chin

The ability to interact with the presenters/group -- Geoff Bullen

Learning experience from others, discussions -- Cliffano Subagio

The banter -- Anna Marshall

What I liked least was:

The weather -- Andrew Fletcher, Cliffano Subagio

Room temperature increased as day progressed. -- Donna Chin

Breakfast -- Geoff Bullen

Lack of suggestions for requirements improvements [in managing requirements - ed.] -- Anna Marshall

For next time, I suggest:

Sun -- Andrew Fletcher

More of the same (in Sydney) -- Geoff Bullen

Would be nice to have one in Australia every year. -- Cliffano Subagio

Some further automated testing discussions -- Anna Marshall

Additional comments:

Thanks -- Nigel Charman

Also enjoyed Automated Testing is not quality is not testing -- Donna Chin

Really interesting - thanks -- Geoff Bullen

Great job!! Thoroughly enjoyed it. -- Cliffano Subagio

Great fun! -- Anna Marshall