Bogdan Szabo

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There was once a canny man and his name was Bogdan. Since childhood he learned that his fate is laid down to tame beasts and make them listen to his commands.

The first beast that arose was a HC85 who sat proudly in front of the TV. It was magical. Mighty warriors which thought were worthy to face him were taken into a maze where they were in big trouble. Bogdan dared to confront it but he failed. Then, he told his parents that he wants to learn to master the beast. As soon as he learned the alphabet, the parents took him to the palace and he began to learn a new language: BASIC. The first speech of dragons.

After the fifth year, he saw a great thing! Behind a dragon there was a proud cable coming out through which it was talking with other savages. What a great marvel! It may be easy to deal with one beast, but with more, there is trouble coming. So Bogdan went into the world to learn more about the life of those beings.

He walked a day, he walked two, he walked forty-two, until he reached the realm of the wire braids. He became a software craftsman with experience on web, mobile, desktop and embedded systems. He is focused on creating testable projects, with great user experience. He likes to share his knowledge with anyone who is interested in IT.