Continuous Integration and Testing Conference



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CITCON Europe 2023 in Berlin

CITCON North America 2023 in Silicon Valley

CITCON Europe 2022 in Zwolle, Netherlands

CITCON Virtual 2021 in CEST timezone

CITCON Virtual 2020 in CEST timezone

CITCON Europe 2019 in Ghent, Belgium

CITCON Europe 2018 in Vienna, Austria

CITCON Europe 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CITCON North America 2016 in New York City

CITCON ANZ 2016 in Perth, Australia

CITCON Europe 2016 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

CITCON North America 2015 in Ann Arbor

CITCON Europe 2015 in Helsinki

CITCON Asia 2015 in Hong Kong

CITCON North America 2014 in Austin, Texas

CITCON Europe 2014 in Zagreb

CITCON Australia/New Zealand 2014 in Auckland

CITCON Europe 2013 in Turin, Italy

CITCON North America 2013 in Boston

CITCON Australia/New Zealand 2013 in Sydney

CITCON North America 2012 in Portland, Oregon

CITCON Europe 2012 in Budapest

CITCON Asia 2012 in Singapore

CITCON Europe 2011 in London

CITCON Europe 2010 in London

CITCON Australia/New Zealand 2010 in Wellington

CITCON North America 2010 in Raleigh-Durham

CITCON Europe 2009 in Paris

CITCON Australia/New Zealand 2009 in Brisbane

CITCON North America 2009 in Minneapolis/St. Paul

CITCON Europe 2008 in Amsterdam

CITCON Asia-Pacific 2008 in Melbourne

CITCON North America 2008 in Denver

CITCON Europe 2007 in Brussels

CITCON Asia-Pacific 2007 in Sydney

CITCON North America 2007 in Dallas/Ft. Worth

CITCON Europe 2006 in London

CITCON North America 2006 in Chicago