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CITCON Europe 2024 in Zagreb on May 24 & 25


CITCON is a world-wide series of free Open Spaces events for developer-testers, tester-developers and anyone else with an interest in Continuous Improvement and the types of practices that goes along with it. For a quick look at how CITCON works, watch the CITCON Paris video.

CITCON provides a forum to connect with other people on topics you care about, to learn from their experience and share your own. Past topics include:


...I met an amazing group of incredibly cool people. -- Elisabeth Hendrickson

I went to the CITCON in Chicago... and found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience... It's a small, free conference that was organized and hosted better than some large, expensive conferences I've been to. More importantly, it had a great set of attendees which, since CITCON is an Open Space conference, led to some truly interesting sessions. -- James Shore

The conference adheres to the Open Spaces idea and I have to admit I was pretty skeptical. There are no formal speakers or talks but rather semi-organized discussions surrounding the ideas that the participants put forth. Sounded pretty touchy-feely and little too hippy for me ... but I have to say that I found it to be significantly more informative. -- David O'Hara

It was my second experience of an "OpenSpaces" conference... and I must say I really like the format... As another participant said in the wrap up session, you really feel like you're participating in the conference rather than just being talked at by some spruik with a PowerPoint deck. -- Mike Cannon-Brookes

I attended CITCON this weekend - it was great! ... If you are interested in continuous integration and testing then this is the conference to go to. -- Ivan Moore

More quotes available in the feedback and on the web.

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Many people are part of the community of CITCON participants. Many of those people are strongly opiniated and want the world to know about their thoughts. Want to see what the CITCON community has to say? Check out the CITCON Blog Aggregator.